Initial Publish
What changes need publishing?

Any changes made to your graph are not available on the CMS or the APIs unless published.

Publishing makes sure that no unintended changes go live. It also allows you to make multiple interconnected changes to the graph and then eventually publish all your changes in one go.

Initial Publish

The first time you publish your new project, we send the graph over to the publishing service. The service automatically provisions a web server, generates REST and GraphQL API endpoints, and a CMS.

Subsequent publishing deploys all your updates to this publishing server so that they're available to the CMS and the APIs.


What changes need publishing?

Almost everything within a project need to be published before they're available. Here's a list of things that don't need to be published.

  • Changing the content graph

    • Tables
    • Fieldsets
    • Fields
  • Changing the api graph

    • Mutations
    • Queries
    • Webhooks
  • Inviting/Uninviting users
  • Generating/Revoking access tokens
  • Changing the project name
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