Why a Marketplace?
Marketplace Anatomy

The Markeplace is where you can find all the sample projects (templates), blocks of differnet set of integrations and APIs available that you can just pick and use in your own project.


Why a Marketplace?

The ultimate goal of Canonic is to able to give a platform where the user has to solely focus on the business logic. Building backends on canonic is already super fast, but one thing that we noticed was how there are always common functionalities between different types of backend.

We beleive that every block or fuction in a backend system is a separate entity in itself, which can be used across variety of use cases. We aim to extract these blocks into their individual entity that you can just plug and play. It could be as big as a whole project template or as small as adding a webhook.

Marketplace Anatomy

The Marketplace consists of two different sections as of now:

We are coming up with a third section in the future (APIs) also 🥳.

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