Sample Projects (Templates)


Templates are sample projects made by Canonic of the most common use cases in the backend ecosystem. These are as simple as a basic inventory managemnet system to as complex as a social networking app.


You can click and go into any sample project you like. You can check out how:

  • 🤔 The content is modeled on the graph.
  • 😋 The the tailored CMS looks like and works for it.
  • 🤩 The CRUD and custom APIs used to make the project, along with all the business logic and workflows
  • 🤯 All the documentation generated for all the APIs available.


Canonic also gives an option to clone any sample project into your own project, and you can start building on top of it.

Click on the ᐧᐧᐧ icon, it'll give you can option to clone the template as your own project. If you are familiar with forking a repository on Github, it behaves the same.


The Graph, APIs and Docs will be cloned, not the CMS entries of the sample project.

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