Netlify Settings
Creating a Netlify webhook

You can trigger a build on Netlify whenever your content on Canonic changes.

For example: Trigger a build for your JAMStack frontend whenever a new post is added to the Posts table.

Netlify is a build type webhook. To create one, select your input type as Build when creating a webhook.

Netlify Settings

Property Description
Build URL The build URL for which the webhook will be triggered. Read more on Netlify

Creating a Netlify webhook

  1. Create a new webhook on the endpoint you want to trigger the webhook.
  2. Select the input type as Build.
  3. Select Netlify as the provider.
  4. Enter the authentication details for the Netlify webhook in the properties panel.
  5. Close the properties panel to save your changes.

The webhook will be triggered whenever the endpoint you attached it to is triggered.

You can receive the result of this webhook in the extensions field by enabling the wait for webhooks options in the Endpoint properties.

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