Consuming content with APIs

GraphQL Explorer

Using the graph that you define, Canonic generates robust and powerful APIs that can be used to integrate your content across a variety of mediums.

To view the generated API documentation, click on the corresponding icon on the navigation bar on the left of the screen.



Canonic automatically generates some basic REST APIs for immediate consumption. You can view sample requests and responses along with the supported parameters by navigating through all the endpoints.

  • CREATE: Create a new entry in the table
  • READ: Read and query entries in the table
  • UPDATE: Update an existing entry in the table
  • DELETE: Delete an entry in the table

These basic APIs allow you to manipulate your content programmatically.

Don't forget to secure your API by visiting the project settings page. You can either change the default permissions or create access tokens for your APIs.

GraphQL Explorer

We also generate graphQL APIs for next generation products. GraphQL allows you to define all the data you want through a single API endpoint.

You can read more about GraphQL here

Open the GraphQL Explorer by clicking on the explore button. The Explorer is similar to Postman but more tightly integrated with your graph and allows you to query your API through a convenient interface.

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