Reordering fields in graph

Steps to Reordering field/fieldset(s)

Reordering of field/fieldset(s) is now possible with the reorder button in the header


Steps to Reordering field/fieldset(s)

  1. Open Reorder panel from the reorder button in the header.
  2. Select the table you want to reorder from the top.
  3. Simply drag the desired field and drop at the position where you want it to be. As soon as you drop, new order gets saved.
  4. You can even move fields in and out of a fieldset.
  5. Reordering will get reflected on the graph immediately. However, deployment will be required for the same to reflect on CMS.

NOTE: CMS adaptive layout takes precedence over reordering.


What happens to the data when you move the fields out of fieldsets?

All of the data related to the field being moved out of the fieldset will become inaccessible. It is essentially equivalent to deleting a field and creating a new one.

NOTE: Fieldset can't be moved inside another fieldset

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